Access Your Higher-Self, Create Powerful Work

Quality Mind personal development plans help performers and artists achieve greater success by responding better to pressure and increasing mental sharpness.

Quality Mind can arm you with the tools to remove fears, eliminate or reduce injuries and unlock creativity.

Create more powerful work with Quality Mind



What is Quality Mind?

Quality Mind is a proven system that transforms your life for the better by improving mental sharpness, health, wealth and relationships. With my guidance as a qualified Mind Mentor™, an individualised app and webinar access, you will develop the skills necessary to achieve a Quality Mind.

Personal Development

Quality Mind is for performing artists and people with artistic talents who wish to build on existing success and eliminate pressure, as well as individuals wishing to create a more fulfilling life or those suffering from anxiety or depression.

Self Growth

Quality Mind challenges traditional psychology, and is based on Richard Maloney’s 20 years’ experience working to help others achieve self growth and overcome challenges.

First Hand Advice

Known as a “Mind Mentor”, I have a strong desire to help others and have excelled through the Quality Mind program myself, personally witnessing its power and effectiveness for self growth.