The One Thing Business Owners don’t Consider When Trying to Improve Productivity.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a third of Australia’s workforce falls below national productivity average – costing businesses up to $41.3 billion every year.

This means that there is a real opportunity to either generate more money or more time.

And if you can seize that opportunity, then you can either increase time spent on innovation or take on more projects. This means more clients or more work with existing clients.

Ultimately, innovation and increased capability to take on work, will both make you a champion to increase revenue.

I compare that to the defrag of a computer. You use it when your PC slows down and doesn’t seem to run as efficiently as it used to. A “defrag” optimizes file placement and consolidates free space. This ensures the highest data access speed possible.

If you feel or think that your business could be running at higher speed, then it’s time to defrag and increase the productivity.

Productivity is the ratio between the input and the output. If the input is lower than the output then it means you have a high productivity.

Wouldn’t it be nice to create that extra stream of revenue and leave your competition far behind by generating new ideas?

Old school thinking tells you to train your staff, streamline processes, hire better employees and really insist on the systems, the admin side.

True, the leaner the better and you want systems that will support your staff, but many have done it and revenue and innovation only improved by an iota if at all.

So what is missing? What is the element that too few consider when it comes to productivity? … Engagement.

Engagement is more than showing up, it’s partaking.

Engagement means that people consider their job like their own business. They thrive to make it better, bigger and to do it together.

Engagement is the difference between someone who wins the race and someone who follows out of breath.

So, is your staff coming up with new ideas or just doing what they are being told?

Are your people asleep, plotting along like a slow computer or maybe running around like headless chickens?

Truth be told, they probably like it like that. Humans don’t naturally like change. But give them a taste of what an exciting work life looks like and you will struggle to contain their enthusiasm.

Because if you’ve ever had that feeling of wanting to jump out of bed every morning, then you know how it motivates to achieve even greater results.

I have seen businesses that streamlined their processes yet didn’t increase their income or generated new ideas. They thought they needed to hire more people. It turned out to be a costly exercise that didn’t solve the situation.

And it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

Who is best to come up with new ideas than those already working in your business, already designing the products, manufacturing it, promoting, handling it and selling it?

Who is best to work on projects than the already experienced people who have been working for you and get the culture?

Maybe all you need to do is defrag? Find out now!

The Society for Human Resource Management has developed an employee engagement survey. Click here to get the link to your team. It’s free and their answers are anonymous.

This will give you invaluable insights of where your team really is at and provide data that you can actually use.

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