Success Stories

Deep happiness is what I now feel on a daily basis.

Nathalie has the unique ability to tap into the true you and bring you back to yourself.
I really enjoyed my life but was very busy and often felt quite flat. The journey that Nathalie took me on allowed me to understand that I do not have to be responsible for everyone in my world and their actions.
Nathalie took me back to the first time that I started taking on that responsibility as a child. By going through a few gentle processes Nathalie was able to help me release that part of me and open myself up to the new me.
I can honestly say that DEEP HAPPINESS is what I now feel on a daily basis. I do not carry everyone around me and it is a great feeling of freedom.
It is the most worthwhile thing I have done in a long time

Allison High – Interior Decorator


Nathalie has given me the support and tools I need to address my difficulties in finding a great work/life balance. I was feeling overwhelmed by my busy life as a stylist and single mother. Now I am able to find time to devote to all of these and still have the energy to enjoy myself!

Leonie Brand – Stylist

I am really grateful for the support

I was lacking confidence and a clear vision. It was a critical time of personal and professional transition. I had tried a lot of things already but nothing seemed to work. This is when I heard about Nathalie, she helped me clarify my values and identify my goals. She provided me focus, clarity and direction and helped me work on some core ineffective habits. Nathalie was so helpful and professional I am really grateful for the support she provided me

Stella Finot – Cartier, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden Marketing Manager

I recommend working with Nathalie, only if you want to succeed

Nathalie is a dedicated coach with just the right combination of understanding and accountability to make your heart skip a beat! Her empathy and warmth set the scene for an open and confidential coaching session. Nathalie certainly delivered the goods when I needed accountability, she was there by my side (literally) until I finished the task at hand. When I was unsure and apprehensive about the road ahead Nathalie provided practical strategies and guidance on the way forward. And the thing I appreciated most was her ability to identify the root cause of the blocks holding me back. I would definitely recommend working with Nathalie, that is only if you want to succeed

Monika Polemicos – Psychotherapist

Thank you Nathalie, you have changed my life

I approached Nathalie because I had 3 negative patterns I wanted removed. Nathalie helped me by clearing the negative patterns and limiting beliefs that were holding me back in my relationships and business with the use of NLP. As a result of this my relationships have improved dramatically, my business has taken off, and I am so much happier within myself and feel so much lighter.
One thing I liked was her safe, professional and judgement free environment Nathalie provided. I found the experience life changing and no longer look at the past, only focus on all the positivity in my life now. I would highly recommend Nathalie.
Thank you Nathalie, you have changed my life.

Luke – Personal Development Coach

I would certainly recommend Nathalie

Nathalie was great to work with. Her friendly tone immediately put me at ease. She listened carefully in order to identify the best possible emotions to anchor that would help me with my particular situation and she ensured that they were well and truly in place before we finished up. I would certainly recommend Nathalie to anyone trying to step into their life but feeling anxious about all that that means.

Ari – Mindset Coach

She got straight to the heart of the problem.

I was experiencing several blockages in my life both in my personal life and my business and felt really stuck with what steps to take next.

When I started working with Nathalie she guided me through options and held me accountable to the changes I wanted to create in my life and helped me get specific on what I really wanted. She got straight to the core of the problems I had and shared insights that opened up new possibilities and brainstormed specific action steps I could take to move forward.

Nathalie is a very skilled coach who knows both when to have a good laugh together and when to bring on 100% accountability. I would highly recommend Nathalie as a coach to anyone who is serious about creating lasting changes in their life!

Emmy Petersson – Relocation Coach

Highly recommended is an understatement

I undertook a 10 week program with Nathalie to assist me in removing barriers I had preventing me for growing my business to it’s true potential. Nathalie delivered more than I had expected, which was so refreshing and valuable. With a combination of NLP and workable strategies, I got results day 1 and just kept ticking off all my concerns week to week.
Since then, I have referred many of my clients who need assistance with unlocking their mindset to achieve their goals. They have fallen in love with her just as much as I have.
Highly recommended is an understatement.

Carly Gallagher – Naturopath

Nathalie will assist you in discovering your potential.

Nathalie was instrumental in clearing the fog from the past and enabling me to
re-focus on the future, both in my personal and business life.

Nathalie Gevinti is a very accomplished facilitator, extremely intuitive and will explore, guide, lead and nurture you, to any destination. She will assist you in discovering your potential.

Susan High – Melbourne, Australia

I recommend Nathalie to anyone who feels stuck in their life situation.

When I met Nathalie I was at a crossroads in my life.
Over the course of six weekly, hour-long sessions, Nathalie helped me clarify my goals, control my fear of public speaking and identify some issues around money that were holding me back business-wise. By analysing my values, Nathalie helped me let go of an anchor I had not known I was dragging.
I recommend Nathalie to anyone who feels stuck in their life situation.

Duff Swanson –  Australia

This journey has been really powerful.

Nathalie helped me identify my personal strengths and the goals I wanted to achieve.  She supported and helped to prepare me both mentally and physically to go on the journey to get there.
Nathalie challenged my way of thinking and the habits I had formed and helped me identify the things that are important to me and how to be resilient and make the relevant changes I needed to become better and take control. This journey has been really powerful.

Zak – Melbourne

I highly recommend Nathalie to everyone who wants personal and business success.

Nathalie’s caring yet professional style has relaxed me and enabled me to focus on constant and never ending improvement of myself. Nathalie made me accountable and assisted me to goal set effectively. Everything has improved – my relationship, my work, and my health goals. Thanks to Nathalie’s non-judgemental, down to earth skills and insights I live ON PURPOSE everyday and I am aware of my thoughts and strategies daily. I highly recommend Nathalie to everyone who wants personal and business success.

Georgette – Melbourne

She is a truly gifted coach!

Before coaching with Nathalie, I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed – unable to move forward to where I knew I wanted to be. Nathalie helped me find my way and progress forward in a way I never knew I could. She helped remove, with ease, all the roadblocks I had put in front of me. As a result of coaching with Nathalie, I have excelled in many areas of my life and am so grateful to her for this. I would recommend Nathalie to anyone who is after changes to any areas of their life. She is a truly gifted coach!

Danielle Goodman – Queensland